Garmin Express

Garmin Express - Install or Update the Garmin Application

Garmin Express is a software that is designed to set up, register and manage your Garmin device. Users use this software to install all the latest software and map updates. It gives you alerts whenever new updates are available even when the application is not open or your device is not connected to the computer.

Also, it stores all your backup data and you can save multiple maps and places according to your preference. So, you can get the latest street maps to ensure fast and accurate navigation with Garmin Express. Follow the given guide to set up the software on your system.

System Requirements

In order to download and install Garmin Express, it is necessary to fulfill all the system requirements. Failing these system requirements will create software installation and performance problems. Hence, below-given are the system requirements:

Procedure To Download Garmin Express

Garmin Express software helps you in downloading and installing all the latest software and map updates. If there are new updates available, it gives you notifications at the same time. So, in order to download the software, follow the below-given instructions:

  • First of all, open your preferred web browser. 
  • Then, type in It will open the home page of Garmin on your system. 
  • Now, you are required to place your cursor on the Discover” tab which is located in the upper panel of your screen. 
  • It will show you a list. Click on Garmin Express to initiate the downloading procedure. 
  • Now, a new window will be shown on your screen. According to your operating system, click on Download for Windows or Download for Mactab. 
  • After clicking the tab, it will start downloading the software. Do not close the window or turn off your system and wait for the download to complete. 
  • Once the downloading of the software finishes, it will automatically be saved in the Downloads folder.

You can now start the installation process. 

Procedure to Install Garmin Express

☞ For Windows

Following are the instructions to install Garmin Express on your Windows Computer: 

  • Firstly, you need to access the Downloads” folder on your Windows computer.
  • After that, search .exe file of Garmin Express in your folder. 
  • Then, double-click the downloaded file. A pop-up box of security warning will be shown on your screen asking you Do you want to run this file ?. Click on the “Run” button and the file will start running. 
  • In the next dialog box, do the following:
  • Terms and Conditions: click on the terms and conditions link and read all the agreements of Garmin Express. 
  • Click on the Options tab if you want to change the default installation location of the software.
    • Click on browse and select your desired location. 
    • After that click on the OK button.  
    • Then, click on the back button to return back on the installation screen. 
  • Now, click on the blue Install button located at the bottom of the box. It will start installing the software. 
  • In between the process, a pop-up box of “User Account Control” will appear on your screen asking for your permission to make the necessary changes to your system. In order to grant permission, you are required to click on the “Yes” button given in the box. 
  • Once the installation finishes, click on the blue Launch Garmin Express button located at the bottom of the page. 
  • Lastly, click on the Get Started tab to start using the software. 

☞ For Mac

If you want to install Garmin Express software on your Mac system, you are required to follow all the below-given steps carefully: 

  • Firstly, open the Downloads folder on your Mac system.
  • Now, locate the .dmg file of Garmin Express in your folder and double-click the file. 
  • In the next window, double-click on Install Garmin Express Icon. It will show you a pop-up box to verify that the software can be installed or not. Click on the blue Continue button
  • Again, click continue and proceed to the next step. 
  • In the next dialog box, read the Software License Agreement and click on the continue button which is located at the bottom.
  • Now, a pop-up box will appear on your screen. If you agree with all the terms and conditions of the license agreement, click on the agree button given in the box. 
  • In the next dialog box, click on the Install button located at the bottom and it will start installing the software. Wait for the installation to complete. 
  • In between the installation procedure, it will show you a pop-up box in which you will be asked to enter your Mac credentials. Hence, type your Mac Username and Password and then click on the “Install Software” button. 
  • Once the installation completes, click on the close button located at the bottom of the page. 

Procedure to Create Garmin Account

Account creation is necessary to install all the software and map updates. To create an account, follow the below-given steps: 

  • Open a web browser. 
  • Go to the home page of Garmin Express. 
  • Hit the “Profile Icon” located in the upper-right corner of the page. 
  • On the sign-in page, click on “Create Account” to start the process of account creation. 
  • In the next window, Enter your name in the first field. 
  • Then, Type your email address. 
  • Re-enter your email address into the given field for confirmation. 
  • Next, Enter your password according to the specifications given on the page.
  • Retype your password in the password confirmation field. 
  • To get notifications of the latest offers and products, tick mark the given box.
  • Now, view the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Garmin by clicking on the links mentioned on the page. 
  • If you agree to all the terms and conditions of it, tick mark the given box. 
  • Lastly, click on the blue “Create Account” button to finish the account creation process. 

How To Use Garmin Express?

After downloading and installing the software, you can start using the software to install all the software and map updates. Make sure that your Garmin device must already be registered with the software. Hence, follow the steps given below: 

  • First of all, connect your Garmin device to your system with the help of a USB cable. 
  • Then, open your Garmin Express application. 
  • After that, select Add a Device icon and it will start searching for the device. 
  • Once the system shows that the device is connected, click on the blue “Add Device” button. It is located below your device name. If you are unable to find your device, click on the “search again” link. 
  • In the next screen, it will ask to sync with Garmin Connect and sign-in to your account.
  • Click on the blue “Sign in” button. Type your email address and password and once again click on the sign-in button. 
  • But if you do have an account, click on the blue create an account button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • On the next page, enter your device nickname and select your desired language by clicking on the drop-down key. Then, click on the blue Next button located at the bottom of the page. 
  • Now, to install software and map updates, you need an internet connection. Set a wifi network if you want a wireless connection otherwise use an ethernet cable for connection. Also, your device will sync automatically when in range of your network. 
  • Once the connection is enabled, click on the blue Next button positioned at the bottom-right corner of the dialog box. 
  • In the next screen, click on View Privacy Statement link and read all the terms and conditions of the privacy policy of Garmin Express. If you agree with the statement, click on the Yes button which is located at the bottom of the page. 
  • Now, it will start setting up your device. Once the setup procedure is completed, click on the “Sync” button given there. 
  • Wait for syncing, and then it will start checking for all the software and map updates. 
  • Then, you need to click on the icon of Garmin Connect to view your activities and data. 
  • Now, you are ready to install all the updates. Click on the blue Install All button. 
  • In order to view the list of all the available updates, click on View Details and then click on the install button next to your preferred software and map update.  
  • In between the installation process, you will see a dialog box of certain terms and conditions. If you have read and agree to it, hit the “Accept” button located at the bottom of the page. 
  • It will start installing the software and map updates and may take a few minutes. Do not unplug your device or shut down the computer until the updates are completely installed. 
  • Once the installation finishes, “You are Up to Date” will display on your screen. 

So, the above-given is the full proof guide to download and install the Garmin Express software. After installing the software, you can install your preferred maps easily. 

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